Friday, August 7, 2015

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2015   Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts Exhibit   July 11-August 22.

Paintings, Pastels; and Photography.

2013     Pastels/Big Sur Photography

2012     February     Mohawk Valley River Paintings, Italy Pastels, Pottery

2011     November    Yosemite National Park Photography

2008     May     Yosemite Photography

2007     May      Monhegan Island, Maine     Paintings/Pastels 

Isle of Capri  New York City

Metropolitan Museum Photo

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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts Exhibit_2015

Exhibit_Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts_Little Falls, NY

Gideon Putnam_Oil on Canvas_8x10The Gideon Putnam is a famous hotel in Saratoga Springs. Near the hotel are fields blanketed with snow, and this beautiful white tree.

A Bridge of Sighs_Venice_Oil on Canvas_30x30

This is a famous spot in Venice, drawing painters like Sargent, Renoir, and Monet.

On the left is a court where prisoners were sentenced, on the right is where they were jailed, and executed. As they walked in between the buildings, they looked out the barred windows and "sighed".
This is a composite, with actual images found in Venice. Upper left is the image of the winged lion ( St. Mark). Upper right is Noah spilling wine.

             Detail_Bridge of Sighs
Detail_Bridge of Sighs

Detail_Bridge of Sighs

Canal Psalm #5_Oil on Canvas_18x24

Crescent Moon and Venus_Oil on Canvas_8x10

Near Moss Island_Early Spring_Pastel_18x24

Jordanville Monastery_Oil on Canvas_12x16

Jordanville is the home of a Russian Orthodox monastery. The monks in black robes, run a working farm. The main church has beautiful golden domes surrounded by farmland.

Jordanville Monastery_Oil on Canvas_30x40
Jordanville Monastery_Oil on Panel_14x16 
Jordanville Monastery_Pastel_18x24

There is a meadow above the monastery which is a perfect spot to look down on the main building.
To the right is the monastery graveyard, with a small silver chapel.
Light on the Canal 2, Pastel, 18x24

This was the show card image. For the last 30 years I have painted on the water which was the Erie Canal. I work in all seasons, and have about 80 pastels, and many oils of the river.
Lobster Boat_Monhegan Island_Oil on Panel_24x30
Marcell's Lilacs_Pastel_18x24

Lilacs, wine, and blue cheese make this still life dance. It is my take on the great artist Pierre Bonnard.
Monhegan Island_Gull Rock_Pastel_18x24

Monhegan Island is off the coast of Maine above Portland, and has been a mecca for artists for many years.
I climbed the rocky cliff, and surrounded by gulls, sketched this pastel.
River Psalm #1_Oil on Canvas_24x30 
River Psalm #2_Pastel_18x24 
River Series #5_Oil on Panel_18x24 

River Series_The Rain is Coming_Oil on Canvas_16x20

St. Jeans Merlot_Pastel_18x24
I did a few pastels for the wine and cheese festival in Little Falls.
A hundred years ago, the cheese market in this town drew farmers, and merchants to the Erie Canal.

Still Life for My Dad_Manet at the Met_Pastel_18x24

We went together to a wonderful exhibit at the Met, Manet and Spanish painting. That is dad sitting on the center bench at the exhibit.
The painting above the still life, Dad bought in Paris many years ago.
In the lower right foreground is Manet's famous dead bullfighter.

Winter Into Spring_Little Falls_Oil on Canvas_24x30
This is looking over the valley from my new studio. Snow was everpresent throughout this long, and hard winter.Winter_Studio on Garden Street_Pastel_18x24

Winter_Studio on Garden Street_Pastel_18x24

Exhibit_Mohawk Valley Arts Center

Exhibit_Mohawk Valley Arts Center

Monhegan Island Harbor_Oil on  Canvas_30x40

Florence Cathedral_Pastel_18x24